Maria Louise Del Rosario and her anal tattoo
Maria Louise Del Rosario is not your typical 22 year old. Typical 22 year olds don't get their ass hole tattooed in front of an audience. Del Rosario let a tattoo artist publicly tattoo her poop hole at the 17th annual Florida Tattoo Expo.

The clip below shows that the girl was rather enjoying the procedure.

This isn't the first tattoo she got done on her anus. There used to be her ex boyfriend's name written there, and "Vince," as Del Rosario later said in an interview, was holding her butt cheeks spread apart, as the artist was tattooing her name onto the girl's anus, as she was writhing in pain.

After breaking up with Vince, the girl changed the tattoo to her new boyfriend's name, who happened to be her ex's hated rival. She's quite the rebel, and if you need anymore proof, here's her criminal record.

The girl with the anal tattoo calls herself a model and who knows, maybe she'll take this shot at becoming a celebrity and start a successful modelling career? But what kind of a career involves showing off a tattoo on your anus?

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